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Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine
Online version of the scientific journal, ATHM publishes original, peer-reviewed scientific articles that provide health care providers with continuing education to promote health, prevent illness, and treat disease. Subscription based.

American Herbal Pharmacopeia
AHP develops qualitative and therapeutic monographs on botanicals, including many of the Ayurvedic, Chinese, and Western herbs most frequently used in the United States. These monographs represent the most comprehensive and critically reviewed body of information on herbal medicines in the English language, and serve as a primary reference for academicians, health care providers, manufacturers, and regulators.

JAMA Network
Journals of the American Medical Association; primarily fee-based access.

Elsevier Science
Elsevier is a leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals, empowering them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and sometimes make groundbreaking discoveries that advance the boundaries of knowledge and human progress.

Herbal Educational Services
HES's goal is to offer the highest quality information on herbal medicine through our herbal conferences, audio recordings, videos and books — which provide opportunities for continuing education in areas such as integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine, complementary medicine and holistic medicine.

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine
JACM is a leading peer-reviewed journal providing scientific research for the evaluation and integration of complementary and integrative medicine into mainstream medical practice. The Journal delivers original research that directly impacts patient care therapies, protocols, and strategies, ultimately improving the quality of healing.

Natural Medicine Journal
Natural Medicine Journal is a cutting-edge e-journal and open access content website for integrative healthcare practitioners, as well as students and faculty who focus on the field of natural medicine. Readers of the journal and visitors to the site will find scientifically valid, clinically relevant information within the peer-reviewed monthly journal and online resources found in the Clinical Tools section.

Phytomedicine is primarily a therapy-oriented Journal that publishes innovative studies on efficacy, safety, quality and mechanisms of action of specified plant extracts, phytopharmaceuticals and their isolated constituents. This includes clinical, pharmacological, pharmacokinetic, and toxicological studies of specified herbal medicinal products, herbal preparations, and purified compounds which have a defined and consistent quality assuring reproducible pharmacological activity.

The Lancet
The Lancet has evolved as a family of journals but retains at its core the belief that medicine must serve society, that knowledge must transform society, that the best science must lead to better lives.