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United States Patent (No. 6,432,454 B1, issued August 13, 2002 with two divisional applications pending: Application No. 20040137087 and 20050196471): Jacqueline J. Shan, Peter P.T. Pang, Buhan Huang, Lei Ling. Process of making North American ginseng fractions, products containing them, and use as immunomodulators.11 The patent family is directed to chemical processes of preparing fractions from North American ginseng (P. quinquefolius) root and pharmaceutical compositions containing these fractions. The patent family covers the use of these fractions to stimulate the production of cytokines and/or antibodies, or as therapeutic products for conditions such as the common cold, influenza, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, and cancer.

United States Patent (No. 6,156,291, issued December 5, 2000): Peter P.T. Pang, Jacqueline J. Shan, Kam Wai Chiu. Chemical and pharmacological standardization of herbal extracts.10 The patent covers a method for obtaining a reproducible extraction process for use as a standard process for extracting a pharmacologically active mixture of chemical components from a plant and obtaining a biological fingerprint of the pharmacological activity of each extract and a chemical fingerprint of the chosen extract. The patent covers the extraction technique used to identify and manufacture the proprietary, patented natural compound, poly-furanosyl-pyranosyl-saccharides from P. quinquefolius that make up the CVT-E002 extract.

Note: All other issued patents listed below are based on the same priority document as United States Patent No. 6,432,454 B1 with minor modifications based on the requirements of the country in which they were issued

Australia (No. 752702)

European (No. 1,037,645)

New Zealand (No. 504975)

Related Patent applications in other countries are pending.