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Sinupret® (manufactured by Bionorica, Neumarkt, Germany) is the name for a unique herbal combination, available in several preparations and concentrations, used to maintain the normal function of the membranes of the sinus cavity. The name “Sinupret” is derived from the words sinus and preti, Latin for price or value, hence, precious. In Europe Sinupret preparations are prescribed by physicians and sold without prescription for the treatment of sinusitis or acute and chronic bronchitis.

Sinupret contains extracts of 5 herbs: elder (Sambucus nigra, Caprifoliaceae) flowers, primrose (Primula veris, Primulaceae) flowers with calyx, common sorrel (Rumex acetosa, Polygonaceae) herb, European vervain (Verbena officinalis, Verbenaceae) herb, and gentian (Gentiana lutea, Gentianaceae) root. [Note: Primrose, also known as cowslip, is not the same plant as the popular herb evening primrose (Oenothera biennis, Onagraceae).]

Sinupret has been sold in the German and European market for more than 70 years. In Europe the liquid dosage form (Sinupret Drops) has been available since 1934, tablets (Sinupret Sugar Coated Tablets) have been available since 1968, and a tablet containing a higher concentration of the herbs (Sinupret Forte Sugar Coated Tablets [imported into the United States as Sinupret® Adult Strength by Bionorica, LLC of San Clemente, CA]) has been available since 1997.1 Sinupret tablets have been available to a limited extent in the United States since about 2003, primarily via mail order and sales to health professionals. In fall 2008 some of the Sinupret products have been available in the United States in mainstream retail outlets, sold under the trade names Sinupret® Plus/Sinupret® Adult Strength and Sinupret® Syrup for Kids. Sinupret Plus/Sinupret Adult Strength has the same formulation as Sinupret Forte Sugar Coated Tablets and Sinupret Syrup for Kids is similar to the Sinupret Drops except that the Syrup has much lower alcohol (ethanol) content (see Dosage section below). Sinupret Plus/Sinupret Adult Strength and Sinupret Syrup for Kids are available only in the United States.

Water and grain alcohol (ethanol) are used as a solvent in the manufacturing process to make the extract from the 5 botanical ingredients, in a quantity sufficient to extract the pharmacologically active constituents, including the volatile essential oils, from the respective herbal ingredients.

Sinupret has enjoyed a long history of popular use in Germany and has been a high-selling phytomedicine by physician prescription as well as by self-selection and self-medication by consumers.2 Sinupret was ranked as the second most-prescribed phytotherapeutic agent used for cough and cold in Germany in 2006, 2007, and 2008.2 It was also ranked #1 as the most popular cough and cold remedy chosen by self-selection and self-medication in Germany in 2006, 2007, and 2008.2 Sinupret was ranked 10th of all prescribed products, including all prescription medicines, in Germany in 2003.3 In Germany in 2003, Sinupret Forte was prescribed for acute sinusitis (40.0% of the prescriptions written by German physicians for Sinupret), chronic sinusitis (18.4% of the Sinupret prescriptions), acute infection of the upper respiratory tract (9.2%), acute bronchitis (7.2%), bronchitis not classified as acute or chronic (5.7%), acute rhinopharyngitis (3.4%), infections of the middle ear (2.8%), influenza (1.0%), acute infection of the lower respiratory tract (0.8%), chronic bronchitis (0.6%), and other causes (10.9% of the prescriptions).3