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Cardiovascular Health: Although there are many uses for Pycnogenol, the most extensively studied use is for cardiovascular health. Regarding improvement of endothelial function and venous insufficiency, 7 controlled clinical trials have been published that demonstrate symptomatic improvement of blood circulation, blood pressure (BP) normalization, platelet function normalization, and venous insufficiency.5-11 In addition, there have been 5 clinical trials demonstrating the efficacy of Pycnogenol for hypertension and its complications.6,9,12-14 One study looked at the benefits of Pycnogenol on coronary artery disease and showed that the preparation improved endothelial function.15 All of these studies have shown a benefit; however, the studies had unique patient populations, so each study should be repeated to confirm the findings. In addition, studies with larger numbers of participants are needed to further substantiate these findings.