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United States Patent (6,372,266, issued April 16, 2002). Suzuki N, Kohama T, inventors; Tradepia Co. Ltd. (Saitama, Japan), Horphag Research Limited (St. Peter Port, Guernsey), assignees. Medicinal composition for treating dysmenorrhea and endometriosis—industrial use.

United States Patent (6,565,851, issued May 20, 2003). Rohdewald P, Ferrari V, inventors; Horphag Research Limited (Geneva, Switzerland), assignee. Relieving symptoms of erectile dysfunction with proanthocyanidins.

United States Patent (9,028,890, issued May 12, 2015). Ferrari V, Schonlau F, Burki C, inventors; Horphag Research (IP) Pre Ltd. (Limassol, Cyprus), assignee. Composition for improving sexual wellness.

United States Patent (9,125,925, issued September 8, 2015). Ferrari V, Malandrino S, Burki C, Schoenlau F, inventors; Horphag Research (Luxembourg) Holdings SA (Luxembourg, Luxembourg), Indena S.P.A. (Milan, Italy), assignees. Abnormal intraocular pressure treatment.

United States Patent (9,308,230, issued April 12, 2016). Belcaro G, Burki C, Ferrari V, inventors; HORPHAG RESEARCH IP (Limassol, Cyprus), assignee. Combination of proanthocyanidins and Centella asiatica for the treatment of atherosclerosis.

There are patent extensions in Australia, China, Europe, Japan, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, and Taiwan.