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Pycnogenol has been consumed by adult and elderly patients taking concomitant pharmacological therapies. No information from spontaneous reporting is available on any interactions resulting from simultaneous intake of other drugs with Pycnogenol. Other interactions with alcohol consumption or food intake have not been reported. No drug interaction studies have been performed with Pycnogenol. Pycnogenol does not affect INR (a measure of bleeding tendency) or platelet function in patients taking aspirin.15,135 One study evaluated patients (n = 28; 49-73 years of age) with stable coronary artery disease treated with both optimal standard therapy and 200 mg/day Pycnogenol for 8 weeks. Standard therapy included aspirin (100% of patients), statins (87%), ACE inhibitors/angiotensin receptor blockers (78%), β-blockers (74%), diuretics (35%), calcium antagonists (17%), clopidogrel (17%), ezetimibe (17%), oral antidiabetics (17%), phenprocoumon (4%), and α-antagonists (4%). There were no adverse drug-herb interactions.15