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A monograph is a paper on a single topic. Herbal monographs normally include nomenclature, part used, constituents, range of application, contraindications, side effects, incompatibilities with other medications, dosage, use, and action of the herb.

To date, the American Botanical Council has published four books of monographs: The Complete German Commission E MonographsHerbal Medicine: Expanded Commission E MonographsThe ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs, and The Identification of Medicinal Plants.


Elder Berry Profile is a comprehensive profile written as a chapter from The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs. It includes a fully referenced monograph, clinical overview, patient information sheet, and table of clinical studies. View other monographs from The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs here.

Currently, ABC is developing a series of product-specific and proprietary botanical ingredient monographs.

Product-Specific and Proprietary Botanical Ingredient Monographs