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HerbMed® Intellectual Property and Citation Information

Linking to HerbMed®

Anyone is welcome to place a simple live link to the HerbMed® public site at If you want to put frames around the data to keep visitors at your site you need to take out a license.


Copyright Information

Each herb record can be displayed, printed or downloaded in full. However, these records are copyrighted by the American Botanical Council and should not be copied, altered or misrepresented by incorporation into any other resource.


How to cite HerbMed®

Please cite the HerbMed® database in any publication as:

American Botanical Council , Inc: HerbMed Database,

If you are citing a specific herb record, e.g., Ginkgo biloba:

American Botanical Council , Inc: HerbMed Database, Ginkgo biloba record,

If you cite one of the references in the database, just cite the primary reference directly.


If you want to cite one of the brief summaries, proceed as for a quote within a paper. Cite the summary in full, followed by the reference in parentheses. For example:

"The bioavailability of the main active ingredient in Ginkgo biloba extract, ginkgolid B, was higher in volunteers treated with 40mg twice daily as compared to the single 80mg dose." Drago 2002

(From American Botanical Council , Inc: HerbMed Database, Ginkgo biloba record, sub-category Clinical Trials


No individual researcher or editor, past or present, can be cited as author


HerbMed® Acknowledgements

All scientifically qualified expert researchers of the data in the database, HerbMed®, past and present, are acknowledged in the About Us section - see top bar. Their specific roles, with dates, are also acknowledged in the History of Record section at the foot of each herb record, e.g. Echinacea.( History of record:

ORIGINAL RESEARCH BY: Soaring Bear, Ph.D. May 1999 
MAJOR REVISION BY: Jerry Cott, Ph.D. July 2000 
LATEST UPDATE BY: J Mohanasundaram, MD PhD January 2010

All publicly available scientific data, articles, patents, illustrations, etc linked to in the HerbMed® database, are provided with full information on the source of such data.