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Scientific Name:
Styphnolobium japonicum, syn. Sophora japonica
Family Name:
Common Name:
Sophora japonica, Japanese sophora
Evidence of Activity
A chromosome-level annotated draft genome of Sophora japonica is presented. Lei 2022
Three plastid regions were used to reconstruct the phylogenetic relationships and divergence times in the Cladrastis clade, which includes the Styphnolobium genus, of the Fabaceae. Discussed the evolution of morphological characters and biogeographic history. Duan 2020
Presented the complete Sophora japonica chloroplast genome. Shi 2019
Determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the mitochondrial genome of S. japonica 'JinhuaiJ2', the most widely planted variety in Guangxi region of China. Shi 2018
Transcriptomics of Sophora japonica revealed 135 unigenes involved in the biosynthesis of isoflavones. [Article in Chinese] Pan 2018
Differential expression analysis and NR function prediction of the Sophora japonica transcriptome revealed 18 differentially expressed unigenes associated with 13 enzymes in flavonoid biosynthetic pathways. Zhang 2017
Quantified the genetic variation of thirty-four Styphnolobium japonicum varieties using sequence-related amplified polymorphism markers. The genetic variation was relatively narrow. Sun 2016
Developed a rapid method to extract DNA, using an alkaline lysis buffer, and applied to extract DNA from Sophora japonica. [Article in Chinese] Zheng 2014
Perdformed RNA sequencing of S. japonica transcriptome to produce large expression datasets for functional genomic analysis. Annotate unigenes through NCBI BLAST procedure. Predicted an interaction network of unigenes in S. japonica. Zhu 2014
The A1b defense peptide family isolated from members of the Papilionoideae, may have evolved late in the legume lineage from Styphnolobium japonicum or another member of the sophoroid group. Louis 2007
Styphnolobium japonicum, a woody, non-nodulating papilionoid legume, exhibits putative early nodulin 2 genes. Evaluated gene expression dynamics with and without elicitors, as well as the relationship to other basal non-nodulating woody legumes. Foster 2000
Isolated the cDNA clones of the genes encoding bark and seed lectins from Sophora japonica and analyzed and annotated their sequences. Damme 1997
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