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Scientific Name:
Humulus lupulus
Family Name:
Common Name:
hop, hops
Evidence for Efficacy (Human Data)
Traditional and Folk Use
An article promotes the use of medicinal plants to address psychological disorders during pandemic, including hops among the major medicinal plants used in Iran for stress and anxiety. Shahrajabian 2022
Analysis of micro-debris in a sample of dental calculus unearthed in Central Italy suggests dietary or medicinal use of Humulus lupulus in an early Roman settlements. D'Agostino 2019
A survey of organic farmers and holisitic medicinal/veterinary practitioners in British Columbia identified Humulus lupulus among the plants used for the treatment of heart problems in pets. Lans 2019
Use of hop extract as an antifungal ingredient for bread making and selection of autochthonous resistant starters for sourdough fermentation. [No abstract] Nionelli 2017
Derivatives of the hop compounds iso-alpha acids were discovered in 100-year-old beers, three bottles of which were found during a reconstruction of a Czech brewery. Olšovská 2017
Two bottles of beer from an about 170-year-old shipwreck were analyzed for their hop components. Londesborough 2015
Folkloric, chemical, and biological literature relating primarily to the use of hops for their estrogenic activity, and two human clinical trials, are reviewed. Chadwick 2006
A Review on phytoestrogens addressing their mechanisms of action, clinical evidence bases, and implications for use in cancer on 5 popular botanical dietary supplements including Humulus lupulus and Angelica sinensis are focussed. Piersen 2003
The dearomatized isoprenylated phloroglucinols of hops are put to human use as bitter flavoring agents and preservatives in beer. Gronquist 2001
Resin and essential oil derived from hop (Humulus lupulus L.) cones are very important compounds for beer brewing, and they specifically accumulate in the lupulin gland of hop cones. Okada 2001
Use of hops in early American beverages Saracino 1985
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