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Scientific Name:
Bulbine natalensis (syn. latifolia)
Family Name:
Common Name:
bulbine, ibhucu, rooiwortel
Safety Data
Adverse Effects & Toxicity
The aqueous extract of Bulbine natalensis stem caused alterations in functional indices as well as in the hepatorenal architecture in male Wistar rat organs which may adversely affect the normal hepatic and renal functions. Afolayan 2009
Bulbine natalensis stem extract did not alter the RBC count, Hb, PCV, mean corpuscular(MC) volume, MC hemoglobin, MC hemoglobin concentration and red cell distribution width in male Wistar rats but exhibited localized systemic toxicity mainly on the WBC count and related indices. Yakubu 2009
History of Record
ORIGINAL RESEARCH BY: J. Mohanasundarum, MD, PhD
February 2016
LATEST UPDATES BY: Oren Rabinowitz, MSc
April 2021