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Issue 96
Winter 2012
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
The Adulteration of Commercial Bilberry Extracts
Dietary Supplements and Botanicals in Sports: Evidence, Regulation, and Doping Controversies

Turkish Rose: A Review of the History, Ethnobotany, and Modern Uses of Rose Petals, Rose Oil, Rose Water, and Other Rose Products

Dear Reader
Rose Oil, Herbs in Sports, Large Echinacea Trial, and Bilberry Adulteration
Herb Profiles


ABC News

IT Consultant Profile: Eric “Rick” Valdez

Nature’s Defender: Tom Newmark Joins ABC’s Board of Trustees
American Botanical Council Unveils Digital Flip Version of HerbalGram
Organization News
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia Publishes Blue Cohosh Monograph
American Academy of Neurology, American Headache Society Recommend Special Butterbur Root Extract for Migraine Prevention
World News
UK and Irish Governments’ Echinacea Warning Criticized
Cannabis Update
Federal Action against Medicinal Cannabis Businesses Continues
Research Reviews
Aromatherapy Effective Treatment for Postoperative Nausea
Systematic Review Suggests Bacopa Extracts Improve Free Recall Memory
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Cocoa and Chocolate on Important Cardiovascular Risk Factors Finds Multiple Benefits
Meta-Analysis Shows Cranberry Juice May Be Effective for Treatment of Urinary Tract Infection in Certain Populations
Swiss Echinacea Extract Shown Safe and Effective in Preventing Colds in Largest Echinacea Clinical Trial
Turkey Tail Mushroom Mycelium Is Safe and May Enhance Immune Response in Women with Breast Cancer in Phase I Trial
Book Reviews
Dietary Supplements, 4th Edition

The Herbal Lore of Wise Women and Wortcunners: The Healing Power of Medicinal Plants

The Nurse-Herbalist: Integrative Insights for Holistic Practice
Tarnished Gold: The Sickness of Evidence-Based Medicine
Book Profiles
New Book Profiles
Letter to the Editor
Letters to the Editor