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Issue 73
Winter 2007
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
First Annual HerbDay Celebrated Widely with Resounding Success
Saving Wild Ginseng, Goldenseal, and other Native Plants from Mountain Top Removal
Sho-saiko-to, A Clinically Documented Herbal Preperation for Treating Chronic Liver Disease
Quality Criteria for Kava
Brazilian Women Promote Sustainable Harvesting of Endangered Rosewoods
Dear Reader

Dear Reader

Herb Profiles


ABC News
ABC Collaborates with Academy of Oriental Medicine at Austin to Create Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden
Duke and Foster Lead Pharmacy from the Rainforest Trip to the Amazon
ABC Employee Profile: Nancy Moon
Organization News
AHPA Developing Database of "Old Dietary Ingredients"
Organic Center Launches Campaign to Promote Increased Organic Food Consumption
Grants & Awards
Madalene Hill Receives AHS Award
World News
NYBG Opens Pfizer Plant Research Laboratory
International Collaboration Develops a Sustainable Wild Collection Standard for Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Research Reviews

Study Finds No Link between Cannabis Use andLung, Head, or Neck Cancer

High Green Tea Consumption Associated with Less Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults
Kudzu Extract Trial Shows Effective Levels for Reducing Alcohol Consumption
Green Tea and Mortality Due to Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, and All Causes
Potential Therapeutic Effects of Pomegranate Juice on Prostate Cancer
Legal & Regulatory
Canada's NHPD Inducts New Expert Members
President Signs New Law to Require Reporting of Serious Adverse Events of Dietary Supplements and OTC Drugs
European Legislation on Food Supplement Claims and Fortification Becomes Effective in 2007
Conference Reports
Ninth International Congress of Ethnopharmacology Held in China
London Pharmacovigilance Conference
Book Reviews
Desk Reference to Nature’s Medicine
Herbal Medicine of the American Southwest: A Guide to the Identification, Collection, Preparation, and Use of Medicinal and Edible Plants of the Southwestern United States
Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing
Encyclopedia of Dietary Supplements
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Comparisons and Characteristics
New Book Profiles
In Memoriam
Fikrat Abdullaev 1943-2006
June C.H. McDermott 1954-2006