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Issue 71
Summer 2006
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
The Quality of Kava Consumed in the South Pacific
Tibetan Medicinal Plant Conservation Airs on NPR's Morning Edition
Himalayan Snow Lotus Threatened with Extinction
Tibetan Herbal Medicine: Traditional Classification and Utilization of Natural Products in Tibetan Materia Medica
Improving the Quality of Reporting Randomized Controlled Trials Evaluating Herbal Interventions: Implementing the CONSORT Statement
Dear Reader
New AER Bill for Supplements and OTC DRUGS
Herb Profiles


ABC News
Neil Blomquist Joins ABC Board of Trustees
ABC Dedicates Trees to Alfred Blumenthal
ABC Employee Profile: Aileen Truax
Organization News
Sponsors and Participants Build Momentum for HerbDay
John Weeks Writes Integrator Blog News and Reports
NAPRALERT Herbal Database Available on Internet
Grants & Awards
Libster Honored with Lavinia L. Dock Award for Herbal Nursing Book
Rutgers University Receives Grant for Germplasm Developments in Africa
Two Island Conservationists Receive Seacology Awards
World News
NCCAM Funds New African and Chinese Herbal Research Programs
Global Horticulture Initiative to Improve Health and Economies of Developing Countries
Gum Arabic Industry Members Commit to Sustainability
Research Reviews
Trial Suggests Saffron's Potential to Treat Mild to Moderate Depression
Andrographis, Asian Ginseng, and Valerian Extracts Tested in Small Trial on Male Fertility
Trial Suggests Efficacy of Pomegranate Juice on Myocardial Perfusion
ABC Clarifies Recent Meta-analysis of Milk Thistle Clinical Trials
Special Extract of Traditional African Herb Pelargonium Treats Bronchitis in Clinical Trial
Market Report
Total Sales of Herbal Supplements in United States Show Steady Growth
Legal & Regulatory
WHO Surveys Worldwide Patterns of Herbal Regulations
Australian TGA Publishes Liver Warning Policy for Black Cohosh
Supreme Court Ruling Protects Religious Group's Access to Ayahuasca
Book Reviews
Herbal Diplomats: The Contribution of Early American Nurses (1830-1860)
Poisonous Plants: A Handbook for Doctors, Pharmacists, Toxicologists, Biologists, and Veterinarians, 2nd Edition
Handbook of Analytical Methods for Dietary Supplements
New Book Profiles
In Memoriam
Gladys Iola Tantaquidgeon 1899-2005
Edward Peterson 1905-2005
Jeannine Parvati Baker 1949-2005
John W. Thieret 1926-2005
William J. Oswald 1919—2005
Floyd Edwin Leaders, Jr 1931—2006
Tom Ferguson 1943-2006