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Journalism Intern Contributes to HerbalGram
Journalism Intern Contributes to HerbalGram

ABC has been most fortunate to have a very committed and talented editorial intern throughout the summer and fall of 2004. Katherine Purcell is a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin, anticipating receiving a Master of Arts in Communication (Journalism) in fall 2005. She graduated cum laude in 2001 from Elon University in Elon, North Carolina, with a Bachelor of Arts in English (with a concentration in professional writing) and French. Katherine learned about the possibility of an internship as an editorial assistant from one of her professors at the University of Texas who suggested that it would be a good experience for her.

Before coming to ABC Katherine honed and expanded her writing skills at other internships. She learned the reporting and Associated Press style of writing as an intern and part-time staff member of the Greensboro, North Carolina News and Record, and learned how to format and edit as a technical writing intern at an Internet technology firm.

“Writing is my craft,” said Katherine. “I love the writing process; reading, researching, reporting, and revising. It is the lens that I use to look at the world, process information, and organize my thoughts.”>

While at ABC Katherine has researched, written, and fact-checked articles for HerbalGram. She has assisted with the peer review process and has been instrumental in developing and implementing a streamlined procedure for book reviews in HerbalGram.>

One of Katherine’s primary goals is to engage her time, energies, and talent to build a career dedicated to improving health communication for the public. Her experience as a patient advocate and caretaker for a family member has given Katherine a sense of purpose and direction to help her achieve her goal. “I want to make sure that patients have the accurate tools and resources to make informed decisions,” she said. “I am committed to making a difference, and want to facilitate change for patients and for the public.”

She is not certain of the ultimate direction in which her career goals will lead her; she may pursue a Master’s in Public Health when she finishes her Journalism graduate work. Nevertheless, she thinks that her internship at ABC has helped her gain the experience and tools to apply the theories and skills she learned in her university coursework. Certainly her commitment and dedication to her profession has benefited ABC and HerbalGram over the past seven months and will serve her well in her future endeavors.

—Gayle Engels