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New Book Profiles

Due to economic considerations and the natural evolution of book marketing and sales, the American Botanical Council is adding to its catalog only a few of the good new books that are being published. However, we do intend to keep our readers informed about books of particular interest that have arrived in our offices. In this ongoing feature, we describe only these new books that we have not yet reviewed.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these books or those that have been reviewed fully, and you want to help ABC at the same time, please go to the online version of this article on our website <> and click on the Order from button. ABC will receive a small commission from your order.


Cardamom: The Genus Elettaria. P.N. Ravindran and K.J. Madhusoodanan (eds.). Taylor & Francis: New York; 2002. 374 pp., hardcover, index, tables, graphs, charts, illustrations. $139.95. ISBN 0-415-28493-7.

Extensive details on the origin, history, and diversity of the exotic and increasingly popular spice, cardamom. Has 14 chapters on cardamom plus one each on large cardamoms and false cardamoms. All aspects of the cardamom crop are covered.


Geranium and Pelargonium. Maria Lis-Balchin (ed.). Taylor & Francis: New York; 2002. 318 pp., index, charts, tables, graphs, illustrations. $149.95. ISBN 0-415-28487-2.

Includes information on species of both closely related genera Geranium and