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ABC Starts 2005 with Newly Expanded Benefits for Members
ABC Starts 2005 with Newly Expanded Benefits for Members

Although the New Year has just begun, ABC Members are already deriving great value from the expanded 2005 educational benefits and services. Each year ABC provides new incentives for prospective and renewing members to support ABC�s mission to provide education using science-based and traditional information to promote the responsible use of herbal medicine. In addition, ABC continues to offer long-standing educational resources like HerbalGram, HerbClip�, herbal research, and its unique suite of online herbal databases.

New Benefits for All ABC Members

This year all ABC Members are receiving access to new online educational content on ABC�s Web site ( This new content includes herbal profiles available through ABC�s new Herbal Body Care database. These profiles provide information on plants used in phytocosmetics, aromatherapy, and herbal body care. Another new benefit available to all members is access to archives of ABC�s e-mail newsletter, HerbalEGram, which keeps members abreast of the latest herbal news between issues of HerbalGram.

New Benefits for Academic, Professional, and Organizational Members

Members at these levels now receive a copy of �The ABC Clinical Guide to Elder Berry.� This new publication includes a clinical monograph on the growing body of research supporting the immune-enhancing actions of European elder berry. The format for the elder berry profile follows the same format as the 29 monographs in TheABC Clinical Guide to Herbs, including use, safety data, dosage, and clinical trial summaries. The profile also contains a Clinical Overview for quick reference and a Patient Information Sheet that healthcare providers can photocopy for patients.

Professional and Organizational Members will also receive a packet of 29 Herbal Information Sheets, ready for duplication and distribution. These information sheets provide an excellent tool for educating patients, customers, or clients about commonly used herbs. The Herbal Information Sheets are concise versions of herb monographs and are written in consumer/patient-friendly language.

Benefits for Corporate and Sponsor Members

The benefits of Corporate and Sponsor Membership also continue to expand with companies� needs for reliable herbal information for staff and customers. The new Herbal Body Care database is one example of how ABC is constantly working with its supporters to find new ways to enhance the quality of herbal medicine resources for consumers, healthcare professionals, the media, government, and industry.

With membership support, ABC continues to be a reliable source of current information on the safe, effective, and responsible use of herbs and phytomedicines. Together, ABC and its members are working to improve the public�s knowledge and understanding of herbal medicine.

For more information on ABC membership levels and a detailed list of benefits, see page 3 of this issue, access our Web site at, or call us at 800-373-7105.

� Aileen Truax

[Editor�s Note: Truax assumed the position of Development/Marketing Coordinator for ABCin December 2004.]