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ABC's Mark Blumenthal Contributes to New Edition of Rational Phytotherapy
ABC’s Mark Blumenthal Contributes to New Edition of Rational Phytotherapy

In Germany for the past decade, the leading textbook for physicians, pharmacists, medical students, and others has been Rational Phytotherapy: A Reference Guide for Physicians . The third and fourth German editions of this classic phytotherapy text by Professors Volker Schulz and Rudolf Hänsel were translated into English and revised and edited by the late Professor Varro E. Tyler.

Now the fifth edition has been fully revised and expanded with American Botanical Council (ABC) Executive Director Mark Blumenthal as an additional author. Blumenthal was invited by Dr. Schulz to edit and revise the English edition of the new volume after the unfortunate passing of Prof. Tyler in 2001. The new addition is also being marketed for pharmacists, with the secondary title being revised to include them: “A Reference Guide for Physicians and Pharmacists.”

Methodically classified by physiological systems and areas of application (e.g., cardiovascular and digestive systems), Rational Phytotherapy offers a quick insight into dosage, form of application, and effects of many of the most important clinically tested herbal remedies. Only those herbal remedies whose activities are well demonstrated by pharmacological and/or clinical studies are included. According to the publisher, the “authors are highly experienced in the field of postgraduate medical education, and, with this work, present an indispensable reference book for the medical practice. The text is ideally suited for general practitioners, internists, pharmacists and non-medical practitioners.”

A review of the German-language edition in the journal Pharmazie in unserer Zeit (Pharmacy in Our Times ) said, “…without a doubt, this is to date the best German-language book in this area….in the interest of a scientifically based and practiced phytotherapy, one can only wish that this book will be used by as many doctors as possible.”

The new edition includes the following features and benefits:

• It is based on the 100 most widely prescribed phytomedicines in Germany;
• It covers phytomedicines that have been pharmacologically and clinically tested;
• It provides a rapid overview of efficacy and safety;
• It is clearly organized by organ systems and indications; and
• It highlights current developments in research and German drug policies.

New features in the fifth edition include a discussion of herbal versus synthetic drugs in prescribing practice; the “therapeutic context” and its impact on treatment efficacy; fully revised chapters on the respiratory tract and digestive organs; copious new data on the central nervous system; and all tables of studies and medications have been updated to publications to the year 2002.

Rational Phytotherapy is a definitive practice-oriented introduction to phytotherapy. All health care practitioners and pharmacists interested in treatment with herbal remedies should have this book at their disposal. This new fifth edition of Rational Phytotherapy is now available for $59.95 through ABC’s Herbal Education Catalog, both online at or by calling 800-373-7105. The ABC item number is B326.

—Gayle Engels