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Issue 58
Spring 2003
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Backyard Ben Cao: A Photo Essay of Chinese Herbs Grown in American Gardens
A Sample Chapter From The ABC Clinical Guide to Herbs: Chamomile
Ceremonial Peyote Use and its Antiquity in the Southern United States
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
ABC Donates Youngken Herbarium to the Botanical Research Institute of Texas
ABC's First Ever Medicinal Herb Fest Is a Big Success
New American Botanical Council Reference Work Clarifies Effective Use of Herbal Medicines for Disease Prevention and Treatment
ABC Partners with Rector-Duncan on HerbalGram
Organization News
Doctoral Programs in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Launched
NAPLEX Now Tests Herbal Knowledge of Future Pharmacists
First Naturopaths Appointed to Medicare Advisory Committee
Practical Herbal Therapy Home Study Course Launched
USP Sets New Safety Criteria for Proposed Dietary Supplement Monographs
Council for Responsible Nutrition Board Appoints New President, Annette Dickinson
World News
American Herbal Pharmacopoeia to Produce Textbook of Botanical Microscopy
Botanical Products Team Established by FDA to Review New Products
NCCAM Posts Policy on Research and Dietary Supplement Quality
NCCAM and ODS Fund Trial on St. John's Wort for Minor Depression
WHO Publishes Second Volume of Monographs
Research Reviews
Comparison of Traditional Ayurvedic Herb Arjuna to Conventional Drug in Treating Stable Angina
Korean Red Ginseng Helps Men with Erection Problems in Clinical Study

Hawthorn Shows Promise in Small Mild, Essential Hypertension Study

Lycopenes in the Prevention of Prostate Cancer

Trial Examines the Effects of Soy Phytoestrogen on Hot Flashes in Postmenopausal Women Who Have Had Breast Cancer

Systemic Review of Tea and Cardiovascular Disease

Guest Editorial
Industry Needs to Re-think DSHEA
Some Arguments against the Standardization of Herbalists
Market Report
Herbs Continue Slide in Mainstream Market: Sales Down 14 Percent
Legal & Regulatory
The Bioterrorism Act: Overview and Implications for Industry
FDA Issues Proposed GMPs for Dietary Supplements
FDA Proposes Strong Warnings for Ephedra, Releases Independent RAND Report on Ephedra Safety and Efficacy
Book Reviews
Major Herbs of Ayurveda
The Killers Within: The Deadly Rise of Drug-Resistant Bacteria
Herbs for the Mind: What Science Tells Us about Nature's Remedies
PDR for Herbal Medicines, 2nd ed
In Memoriam
David F. Horrobin 19392003
Book Profiles
New Book Profiles
Clinical Update
Standardized Butterbur Extract for Migraine Treatment: A Clinical Overview
Saw Palmetto Extract Treats BPH as Effectively as Tamsulosin in 1-Year Clinical Trial
Plant Patents
Plant Patents Return to HerbalGram
Kava Cuts Cocktail Cravings

Chocolate-dipped Aspirin