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ABC Announces Third African Herb Tour

Join ABC for its third ethnobotanical tour to Africa, "International Health Issues and Healing Traditions of the Ancient San Culture." We will be traveling to Botswana and Namibia from August 2-14, 2003 exploring health, healing, and nature against the backdrop of some of Africa's most stunning locations. In addition to the regular healthcare seminars, the tour will include trips to the Okavango Delta to explore the greatest wetland wilderness in Africa, and to the Kalahari and Namib deserts to experience the highest sand dunes in the world and the oldest desert on Earth.

Workshop topics include: International Health Issues; Bush Medicine: Healing Traditions of the Ancient San Culture; Medicine Man/Medicine Woman: Roles in Healing; Shamanism and Pantheism in the San Culture; The Hot Zone: Prevention and Treatment of Emerging Diseases; and Healthcare Delivery: Limited Resources.

Special events include: Rural and Urban Healthcare Facilities Visits/Mandela House; Healing Rituals of the Ancient San Culture; and Bush Walks with the Bushmen of the Delta and the Desert.

Then, the September trip to China will be an amazing historical and cultural journey to discover unique combinations of scientific precision and the art of traditional Chinese medicine.

Physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and pharmacists may earn continuing education credit while attending these trips. Everyone is welcome, so sign up now and remember to ask for your ABC member discount. Visit <> or call Stacy Elliott at 800/373-7105 ext. 101.

Other upcoming tours include:

China and Yangtze River Voyage: September 7-21, 2003.

Morocco: Women's Issues - Beyond the Veil / International Health / The Berber Pharmacy: Program in development for November 1-14, 2003.