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ABC Loses Beloved Staff Member, Vicki Adams
ABC Loses Beloved Staff Member, Vicki Adams

Tuesday, October 29, 2002, was a sad day at ABC when we lost one of our most beloved and special employees, Vicki Adams died at age 93. Vicki had worked for ABC for over 10 years and was a joy to be around, with her positive attitude, twinkling eyes, and cheerful smile. She was an inspiration to everyone, a role model for how one could live their mature years, and one of the benefits that made ABC a special place to work.

Vicki joined ABC as a volunteer in April of 1992, but was such an asset to the organization that she quickly became a regular employee. For many years she came to the office three days a week to process mail and help out wherever she was needed. There was never a task that Vicki didn't readily and cheerfully put her hand and heart to. Eventually she decided that her health did not permit her to come to the office on a regular basis, but she continued to work from home whenever ABC had a project for her and always attended our parties.

Vicki was born in Alexandria, Indiana, in 1909. She attended business school and worked in a bank before marrying during the Depression. She and her husband, Evart, eventually settled in Kokomo, Indiana, where they started a photography studio. Vicki was the colorist and receptionist; her husband was the photographer. They had two daughters, Nan and Sherry, and when the girls reached high school, Vicki and her husband turned their basement into a gathering place for teenagers. Every Sunday afternoon was open house and the basement would fill with happy teenagers drinking sodas, eating popcorn, and shooting pool.

Vicki and Evart eventually retired to Florida and, upon his death, Vicki moved to Austin, Texas, to live with her daughter, Nan. She is survived by her two daughters, seven grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren, and would have shared her abundant love with her first great-great-grandchild, expected in March 2003.

Vicki was quiet about her faith in God but it sustained her through hard times and guided her in her interactions with everyone she met. She gave greatly of her spirit, her love, and her sense of humor. She helped us to be better people and gave us something to aspire to with her sparkle, her strength, and her kindness. She can never be replaced and we will always miss her and remember her with love in our hearts.

-Gayle Engels