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Issue 53
Summer 2001
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Manuka: The Good Oil from New Zealand
CRN's Cantox Report on the Quantitative Risk Assessment of Ephedra
A Closer Look: Secretory Structures of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants
Issues of Quality: Analyzing Herbal Materials and the Current Status of Methods Validation
Standardized Extracts: Neither Poison nor Panacea
Discussion of Specific Standardized Extracts
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News

First Year of ABC Membership Opens the Door for Broad-Based Support

Pharmacy from the Rainforest Tour Just Around the Corner

ABC Website Redesigned to Accommodate Member Access, New Research

Highlights of Presentations by ABC's Founder and Executive Director, Mark Blumenthal
Out in the Case Mill Gardens
Organization News
Consumers Satisfied with Supplements, Need More Information, Survey Says
AHPA Publishes New Guidance Documents on Herbal Extracts
Grants & Awards
Mabry Receives Pharmacognosy Research Achievement Award
Towers Awarded Pergamon Phytochemistry Prize
Johns Hopkins Funded to Research CAM Treatments for Cancer
NNFA Announces 2001 Industry Award Winners
CDC Funds University of Mississippi to Research Botanical Supplements
Nutraceuticals World Magazine Honors "Industry Innovators"
World News
Farnsworth Named Distinguished Professor at University of Illinois
Shaman Pharmaceuticals Helps Disaster Victims Maintain Health
Research Reviews
Recent Trial on St. John's Wort Creates Misunderstandings
American Ginseng and Cancer Drugs Inhibit Breast Cancer Cell Growth in In Vitro Study
American Ginseng Reduces Blood Sugar Levels after Meals in Type II Diabetics in Small Trial
Clinical Study Suggests Relative Safety and Efficacy of Ephedra-Guarana Combination
Market Report
Herb Sales Up 1% for All Channels of Trade in 2000
Legal & Regulatory
HHS Report Calls for Increased Monitoring of Adverse Events
New Office of Food Additive Safety at FDA
FDA Sends Warning Letters to Functional Food Makers
Cholestin® Reformulated in Response to U.S. Court Decision
FDA and FTC Act on Comfrey
FTC Cracking Down on Internet Claims
Conference Reports
From Tradition to Modernity
Book Reviews
Herbs of Commerce. Second Edition
The Useful Wild Plants of Texas, the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, the Southern Plains, and Northern Mexico. Volume 2.
Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America. Second Edition
Rational Phytotherapy: A Physician's Guide to Herbal Medicine. Fourth Edition
In Memoriam
Varro E. Tyler 1926 - 2001
Hein Zeylstra 1929 - 2001
Charles Haimoff 1920 - 2001
Leslie J. Kaslof 1942 - 2001
Clinical Update
Ginger Alleviates Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy
Prostate Hormonal Actions for Saw Palmetto Becoming Clearer
Ginkgo Extract Fails to Treat Tinnitus in Flawed Study
Journal Reviews
Fitoterapia: The Journal for the Study of Medicinal Plants