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Ethnobotanical Tour Update

 “Do I have to be a doctor or pharmacist to go on your rainforest trips?” people frequently ask, and the answer is an emphatic “No!” While physicians and pharmacists can earn continuing medical education credit by attending the seminars on the trips, people in many other professions go on the tours. Past attendees include authors, herbalists, naturopaths, science teachers, health food storeowners, students of all ages, and many others who tell us their exposure to the rainforest and the seminars held there were  life changing events.

ABC will take a group to Germany for the first time, September 1–9, for a program called Traditions in Medicine and Pharmacy that will include herbs and wine on the River Rhine in the country that is considered by many to be the leader in herbs and phytomedicine.

This trip to Germany filled up quickly, but some openings remain for ABC’s annual expedition to the Peruvian Amazon, scheduled for October 27–November 4. This great opportunity to learn about herbal medicine from some of the leaders in the movement includes experiencing the amazing canopy walkway that soars 110 feet above the ground, the ReNuPeRu Ethnobotanical Education and Research Garden, and the diverse flora and fauna of the incomparable Amazon rainforest. If that isn’t enough, treat yourself to the 5-day extension (November 3–9) to Lima, Cusco, the sacred Urubamba Valley and the magnificent lost city of the Inca, Machu Picchu.

Call Kim at 512/926-4900, ext. 101 or email and reference the three-digit number in parentheses (below) to find out more about the Amazon or other expeditions and voyages.


Oct 27–Nov 4, 2001   

Amazon (355)              Pharmacy from the Rainforest

Jan 26–Feb 3, 2002    

Andes (421)                  Spirituality and Healing

Feb 8–21, 2002           

Tanzania & Kenya (468)                                      International Healthcare Issues

April 6–19, 2002         

Bali and Komodo (469)                                        Perspectives in Healthcare

Sept 27–Oct 6, 2002   

Nepal & Katmandu (470)                                     Traditions in Medicine & Pharmacy