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Bastyr Clinic Announces Expanded Services

The Bastyr University Natural Health Clinic, serving patients in the Seattle area since 1980, has expanded its services and changed its name to the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. Bastyr University is a leading center of natural health education and research, and will add a B.S. degree program in herbal science this fall.

According to Jane Guiltinan, N.D., the university’s Dean of Clinical Affairs, "The Bastyr Center for Natural Health more accurately reflects the wide range of services we now offer to the community." The Center provides acupuncture, Oriental medicine, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and naturopathic medicine through its Team Care service. With this service, a team consisting of an experienced, licensed health professional and two advanced student clinicians work with each patient. In another expansion move, the Center has also opened its Practitioner Care service, a group private practice of leading physicians and practitioners from the Bastyr University faculty. With this service, patients consult with individual practitioners. The Bastyr Dispensary (a full-service natural product dispensary), a Chinese herbal medicine dispensary and a medical laboratory are also housed at the facility.

Both Team and Practitioner Care practitioners collaborate with conventional medicine providers on coordinated treatment plans as indicated by the patient’s situation. Many of the clinic’s services are covered by participating insurance plans.

—Kim West, ABC

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