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Calendar of Upcoming Continuing Education Accredited Expeditions and Voyages

The number of study trips co-sponsored by the American Botanical Council offering CME and ACPE credits continues to grow. These programs are open not only to all healthcare professionals but to all interested individuals. Previous expeditions have been attended by science teachers, health food store owners and employees, and students of various ages and disciplines, as well as doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and herbalists.

When requesting information on these programs, please mention the three-digit number following the location so we can provide you with the appropriate information. Contact ABC at 512/926-4900, ext. 101 for further information. — Gayle Engels, ABC


Patagonia Voyage/         461         2001      Perspectives in Medicine             Jan 25-Feb 4

   Tierra del Fuego

Belize   370         2001      Women’s Healthcare Issues     March 10-17

Brazil’s Pantanal:           462         2001      Perspectives in Medicine             May 5-13

   Savannah Safari

Germany Rhine                463         2001      Traditions in Medicine & Pharmacy    Sept 1-9

   Wine Valley

Amazon                355         2001      Pharmacy from the Rainforest                  Oct 27-Nov 4

Andes   421         2002      Spirituality & Healing  Jan 26-Feb 3

Tanzania & Kenya –    468         2002      International Healthcare Issues                Feb 8-21

   Africa Safari

Bali & Komodo–            469         2002      Perspectives in Healthcare         April 6-19

   Sea Safari Voyage

Nepal & Kathmandu   470         2002      Traditions in Medicine & Pharmacy    Sept 27-Oct 6