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ABC Publishes New Aloe Vera Booklet.
American Botanical Council is pleased to announce the completion of our latest botanical booklet, which details one of the top-selling herbs in the United States -- Aloe (Aloe spp.). The booklet, authored by Alicia Goldberg (Associate Editor: German Commission E Monographs and the Botanical Safety Handbook), is an excellent complement to the 14 previous booklets in the series. The aloe plant has an illustrious medicinal history worldwide and at present, modern uses are being further investigated.

The booklet briefly describes the commercial uses, botany, history, modern uses, and chemistry of the aloe plants. Two referenced sections highlight studies conducted on animal models as well as clinical trials that validate uses of aloe for internal and external purposes. The section on safety will be of particular interest to consumers, retailers, and practitioners alike.

The booklet's production was made possible by funding from The Aloe Institute. The grant was the first ever offered by The Aloe Institute.

ABC hopes to work with The Aloe Institute and The International Aloe Science Council to use this publication to educate consumers, retailers, and practitioners about aloe preparations.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Kara Dinda