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Issue 47
Fall 1999
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Issues in the Commercialization of Medicinal Plants
Heavenly Herbs and Earthly Ailments: Africa as Ethnopharmacological Treasury
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
ABC History: ABC's Educational Offerings Grow as the Movement Grows.
Brandon/Hill Recommends the German Commission E Monographs for Medical Libraries.
New Expanded Commission E Book.
Jeanne Rose Donates Herbal Memorabilia to ABC.
Blumenthal Awarded Degree from Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine.
ABC Publishes New Aloe Vera Booklet.
Renowned Horticulturist Designs ABC Gardens.
ABC Hosts First Rainwater Collection Day.
Accredited Ethnobotanical Tours for Healthcare Professionals.
Organization News Begins Independent Testing of Herbal Products and Supplements - Certification Seal Announced.
AHPA Appoints New President.
INA Methods Validation Program.
AHPA-supported Legislation Signed by Washington State Governor.
Minnesota Pharmacists Association Forms Herbal Task Force.
Grants & Awards
Brevoort Receives Business Leadership Award.
ACEER Receives Conservation Award.
Burroughs Wellcome Fund Grant Awarded to Lewis.
Foster's 101 Medicinal Herbs Receives Awards.
Mabry Receives Pergamon Phytochemistry Prize.
Native American Botanics Awarded USDA Grant.
Herbalist and Alchemist, Inc., Receives USDA Grant.
World News
Students Study Herbs in Belize Rainforests.
Study Finds Steroids in Chinese Herbal Creams.
Texas Medical Association Sets Standards for Physicians.
Doctors Seek Strong Policy on Dietary Aids.
$3 Million Deal Launches Major Hunt for Drug Leads in Brazil.
Papua New Guinea Forms Institute of Biodiversity.
Market Report
Market Report on Herbs and Spices.
Herb Market Levels After Five Years of Boom: 1999 Sales in Mainstream Market up Only 11% in First Half of 1999 After 55% Increase in 1998.
Legal & Regulatory
GAO Criticizes FDA's Proposed Regulations on Ephedrine-containing Dietary Supplements: Report Notes Lack of Science in FDA Process.
DSHEA at Five Years: A Review of Structure-Function Claims.
Monograph Update: WHO Publishes Herbal Monographs; ABC, AHP, ESCOP and USP Continue Monograph Publication.
Conference Reports
ASP Conference Reviews Science and Regulations.
Book Reviews
Herb Contraindications and Drug Interactions.

Quality Control Methods for Medicinal Plant Materials.

Top 10 Sellers from ABC's Herbal Education Catalog.
In Memoriam
Michael Q. Ford: 1950-1999.
James H. Whittam: 1950-1999.
Oswald Tippo: 1912-1999.
Bertha Reppert: 1920-1999.
Charles R. Dawson: 1911-1999.
Herb Blurbs
Veggie Electronics: Have a Byte of Spinach.
Coffee and Chocolate, the New Health Foods
Plant Patents
Anti-acne Composition Containing a Poria cocos Extract.
Lobeline Compounds as a Treatment for Psychostimulant Abuse and Withdrawal, and for Eating Disorders.
Crataegus Benefits Cardiac Arrest.