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African Healing Expedition and Safari for Health Care Professionals: South Africa Accredited Field Workshop; May 28-June 12, 1999.
Embark on this precedent-setting, 15-day expedition to post-apartheid South Africa. Witness and experience the local interpretation of healthcare, the natural environment, and the unique healing wisdom of the indigenous people.

Amidst a mosaic of contrasting landscapes, cultures, and a diversity of wildlife habitats, explore the interrelationships between people, animal, plant, land, and health, and uncover the mysteries of the ancient tribal healing traditions. African healers have an elaborate materia medica consisting of mixtures of herbs, animal parts, minerals, and clays. This tradition is being called upon and combined with modern medicine to help deal with some of the most pressing health issues of today.

Workshop sites and accommodations are divided between the Cape Town area, the KwaZulu Natal Province, and Kruger National Park. Visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens and Herbarium, the Natal Herbarium, regional hospitals, and local village clinics. Interact with local traditional healers. Explore the largest healing plant and herb market in Africa. Experience firsthand the biodiversity of wild animals and plants at the wildlife preserves.

A once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

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