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The following are comments ABC has received about The Complete German Commission E Monographs -- Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines:

A true magnum opus -- destined to have an enormous positive influence on the practice of herbal medicine in the United States. This is an in-depth review of the safety and efficacy of medicines used by one-third of all adult Americans and should be next to the Physicians' Desk Reference in every doctor's office. It should also be mandatory reading for all Food and Drug Administration personnel especially the policy makers.

Varro E. Tyler, Ph.D., Sc. D. Dean and Distinguished Professor Emeritus Purdue University.

The book is great at my first overview and will be very useful. It is a shame that in the U.S an extensive introduction must be written and not in Germany. But you know, "In his own country the prophet is not accepted." With this publication, and above all, with the extensive introduction to the monographs, many scientists and also the people in health departments in the ministries understand now quite a bit more about rational phytotherapy. Therefore many thanks to you for the idea of this book.

Prof. Heinz Schilcher

Vice President, Commission E

Munich, Germany

I just received [a] copy of the Commission E's a beautiful piece of work...I know this has been a long time coming, and its a project dear to your heart. I was especially impressed with all the ancillary stuff, appendices, etc. These, for me, will make it a very valuable reference work...far more than the monographs alone would have been, though they too are useful. Of course, everyone in this business should have a copy. You and your collaborators have done a great job! I'm really impressed, and I will recommend it highly to anyone who asks (or even if they don't ask).

Dennis J. McKenna, Ph.D.

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Congratulations on the publication of the Complete German Commission E Monographs! It looks great! I know we will find it a very valuable reference, as will the industry.

Prentiss Higgins


Chelmsford, Massachusetts

The book is nicely done and you and your staff are to be congratulated for both the undertaking and the great job. I see tremendous use of this translation by physicians and other health care workers throughout North America. As herbal remedies assume their rightful place on medicine shelves throughout the U.S., consumers will now have an authoritative reference source for guidance on applications.

Lyle E. Craker, Professor

University of Massachusetts

Holding [this book] in my hand makes me feel good: now that's a therapeutic book!

Larry Dossey, M.D., Executive Editor

Alternative Therapies in Health and


Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Commission E Monographs book arrived yesterday. It was a long wait, but I have perused the book. The wait was worthwhile. The book is everything I had hoped for and much, much more. Thank you and your editors and your staff for all the time and work that they put into the project.

Paul E. Morentz, M.D.

Richmond, Indiana

I received and am delighted with my copy of The Complete German Commission E Monographs. Thank you for your perseverance in completing this work.

Karen M. Passmore

Laurel, Maryland

I received my copy of The Complete German Commission E Monographs yesterday. I immediately sat down and read a full quarter of the book in one sitting. I have two words to say: Simply Superb! Please accept my congratulations and gratitude on a project well done. This is a landmark in herbal therapeutics for the English-speaking countries of the world. You are to be commended for such a fine job -- one you can truly be proud of. Please share my delight with everyone at the American Botanical Council and all the wonderful cooperators involved in this project. Thank each and every one of you! A marvelous endeavor!

Steve Dudley

Flagstaff, Arizona

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Varro E. Tyler