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Dr. Andrew Weil Appears on Behalf of ABC.
The American Botanical Council presented Dr. Andrew Weil at an afternoon event held for ABC on August 14, at the home of Joe and Tuna Christie, in West Austin. Dr. Weil, world-renowned Harvard-educated physician and botanist, member of the ABC Advisory Board, was in Austin as part of The Health Show, where he was the keynote speaker. The best-selling author of seven books, including Spontaneous Healing and Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, also attended a press conference in Austin earlier that day to endorse the unveiling of ABC's new book, the Complete German Commission E Monographs -- Therapeutic Guide to Herbal Medicines.

A group of about 70 doctors, pharmacists, alternative health practitioners, and individuals interested in integrative medicine attended the "Afternoon with Dr. Weil" benefit at the Christie residence. He gave a presentation and told interesting stories about his personal experiences with alternative and traditional medicines as he traveled across the globe. Participants were given the opportunity to ask Dr. Weil questions about virtually any health topic, and interesting discussions about herbal remedies, brand names, mushrooms, warts, arthritis, diabetes, menstrual cycles, cardiac health, and even industry regulation, ensued.

Dr. Weil, repeatedly referenced the German Commission E as an important and significant resource for doctors and professionals interested in sound, scientific information about medicinal herbs. Participants bought all of the limited number of the Commission E books available at the event, and had their copies personally autographed by both Dr. Weil and Mark Blumenthal.

The Austin American-Statesman gave Dr. Weil and ABC front-page coverage. Two television newscasts covered the event, and other local publications also gave favorable coverage. ABC, which is internationally known, has largely been a secret in Austin. Mark Blumenthal said, "We were pleased to have this press coverage, especially now that we have a site for the public to visit. We are looking to have a greater presence in Austin." ABC is honored to have Dr. Weil's generous support of our mission, and his assistance in meeting our goals and objectives.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.


By Linda Hancock