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Issue 44
Fall 1998
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Botanical "Discoveries" of Lewis & Clark.

The Booming U.S. Botanical Market: A New Overview.

Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
Dr. Andrew Weil Appears on Behalf of ABC.
First Event Held at ABC's New Site.
American Botanical Council Celebrates 10 Years.
Phase One Work Continues at Case Mill Homestead.
Contributors to ABC's Capital Campaign.
ABC's Garden Design Contest.
Commission E Kudos.
ABC Activities: May-August 1998.
African Healing Expedition and Safari for Health Care Professionals: South Africa Accredited Field Workshop; May 28-June 12, 1999.
World News
Vavilov-Frankel Fellowship Fund.
Anne S. Chatham Medicinal Botany Fellowship.
Research Reviews
Lower Risk of Colorectal and Pancreatic Cancers Seen in Green Tea Drinkers.
Benefits of Artichoke Leaf Extract in Hypercholesterolemia, Dyspepsia, and Liver Function.
Medicinal Plant Conservation: A Priority at TRAFFIC.
Market Report
Market Report.
Legal & Regulatory
The Health of the Canadian Herbal Medicinal Market: An Editorial.
Operator of Lab Sent to Prison for "fx" Mislabeling.
Conference Reports
Herbal Medicine: Ancient Roots to Modern Use; Symposium 72; Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association; June 1998, Toronto, Canada.
Indigenous Healers Meet.
Industry And Organizations Form Partnership For Goldenseal Conservation.
Book Reviews
The Useful Wild Plants of Texas, the Southeastern and Southwestern United States, the Southern Plains, and Northern Mexico: Volume 1.
John Uri Lloyd: The Great American Eclectic.
Phytomedicines of Europe: Chemistry and Biological Activity.
Top 10 Selling Books in ABC Catalog.
Chemistry and Applications of Green Tea.
In Memoriam
Royce L. Oliver: 1929-1997.
Barton H. Warnock: 1911-1998.
John J. Wurdack: 1921-1998.
Herb Blurbs
Herbs, Healing and Community for the Homeless: The Oxford Street Garden Project.
Discovery of a Medicinal Kit Bag.
Red Pepper Protects Pianos.
Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicines in Taiwan Adulterated with Synthetic Conventional Drugs.
Perennial Plant of the Year.
Walter H. Lewis Honored.
Nicolay Ivanovich Vavilov: Plant Explorer Extraordinaire.
Plant Patents
Plant Patents.