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Issue 43
Summer 1998
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Essential Oils of Economic Value in Madagascar: Present State of Knowledge.
Pharmacy on Safari: African Workshops
Passing Problems: Prostate and Prunus; African team works to maintain sustainable supply of Pygeum Bark.
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
The American Botanical Council Publishes the German Commission E Monographs.
ABC Has Moved.
Contributors to ABC's Capital Campaign.
ABC Pharmacy Expeditions Scheduled.
ABC Activities: February 1998-April 1998; Highlights of Presentations and major papers by ABC executive Director Mark Blumenthal.
World News
Traditional Medicinals Provides Stock Gifts to Herbal Non-Profits.
OAU Defends Indigenous Property Rights.
WHO Acknowledges African Healers.
Research Reviews
Grapefruit Juice Squeezes More Out of Medications.
Clinical Study Concludes Dong Quai Not Effective for Menopause.
Major Diversity Loss: 1 in 8 Plants in Global Study Threatened.
Brazil Designates Conservation Acreage.
Frontier Herbs Establishes Herb Preservation Center.
Market Report
Market Report.
Indonesian Clove Market Board Axed.
Chinese Herbal Medicine Sales Up.
Legal & Regulatory
USP Publishes Information Monographs on Ginger and Valerian: Pharmaceutical body claims "lack of adequate evidence and conflicting study results".
FDA Proposes New Rules on Dietary Supplement Structure-Function Claims: Agency redefines "Disease" in what critics call an attempt to limit claims and weaken DSHEA.
Federal Court Lifts FDA Import Ban on Cholestin.
Book Reviews
Comments on Introduction to African Ethnobotany.
African Ethnobotany-Poisons and Drugs: Chemistry, Pharmacology, Toxicology.
Medicinal Plants of South Africa.
Trade in Prunus africana and the Implementation of CITES.
Flowering Plants of the Gambia.
In Memoriam
In Memoriam: Nicole Maxwell 1906-1998.
In Memoriam: Oku Ampofo 1908-1998.
In Memoriam: Dan Palevitch 1935-1997.
Herb Blurbs
Chinese Scientists To Test Traditional Medicine in AIDS Treatment.
Nigerian Rural Development and Traditional Medicine Project Launched.
America's First Beers Made with Hemp Seeds Now Available.
Big, Big, BIG Bush Down Under.
Phyto-Riker Pharmaceuticals.
Hungry Plants.
Plant Patents
Plant Patents.