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Top 10 Sellers From the ABC Catalog.
January through April 1997

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1. German Commission E Monographs: Blumenthal, Gruenwald, Hall, Riggins, and Rister eds., Klein & Rister (trans) (in press) (1)

2. Herbal Prescriptions for Better Health: Brown (new listing)

3. Herbs of Choice:Tyler (3)

4. Herbal Prescriber Database: Hobbs (new listing)

5. Cancer and Natural Medicine: Balk (5)

6. Herbal Medicine: Weiss (6)

7. Herbal Medicines: A Guide for Health-Care Professionals: Newall, Anderson, and Phillipson (new listing)

8. Encyclopedia of Herbs and Their Uses: Bown (2)

9. Encyclopedia of' Herbal Medicine: Bertram (new listing)

10. Cat's Claw: Healing Vine of Peru: Jones (new listing)

Article copyright American Botanical Council.