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Issue 37
Summer 1996
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Most Notable Teas.
Herbal Hype and Misinformation.
Chocolate: Past, Present and Future of Cacao.
What is Chocolate?
The Mural of Ancient Cacaxtla.
"Indian Miracle Man"? Chief Two Moons Meridas
Rediscovering Tea: An Exploration of the Scientific Literature.
Cultivation and Processing of Tea.
The Health Benefits of Tea.
The Chemistry of Tea.
The Tea Ceremony.
Tea Production and Consumption.
Maintenance of Quality Standards for Tea in the U.S.
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
ABC News
ABC Names New Advisory Board: Tyler Elected to Board of Trustees.
Public Radio's "Medicine Garden" Herbal Show Now Available on Audio Cassette.
Pharmacy Home Study Courses Available.
Research Reviews
Peppermint Oil and Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Antioxidant Effect of Tibetan Plant Preparation.
Artichoke Increases Bile Output
Flax Seed for Sex Steroid Action.
Echinacea Clinical Studies Reviewed.
Market Report
Survey Indicates Increasing Herb Use.
Market Report.
Legal & Regulatory
The Agony of the Ecstasy: Herbal High Products Get Media Attention.
FDA Statement on Street Drugs Containing Botanical Ephedra.
Conference Reports
Gaia Herb Symposium: Naturopathic Herbal Wisdom; Clinical Applications of Botanical Medicine.
Book Reviews
Herbert Fletcher Pierson 1952-1996.
Plants, People and Culture: The Science of Ethnobotany.
Garlic: The Science and Therapeutic Application of Allium sativum L. and Related Species.
The Book of Tea.
Pharmacognosy and Pharmacobiotechnology.
An Elder's Herbal: Natural Techniques for Promoting Health & Vitality.
Herbal Prescriptions for Better Health: Your Everyday Guide to Prevention, Treatment and Care.
Books Relevant to Oriental Diet Therapy.
Eclectic Dispensatory of Botanical Therapeutics, Vol. II.
Plants of the Rio Grande Delta.
Wild Plants of the Pueblo Province.
Escapist Fiction by Susan Wittig Albert.
Protocol Journal of Botanical Medicine.
Chinese Herbal Medicine, The Formulary for Windows.
In Memoriam
Don Elijio Panti 1893-1996.
On My Apprenticeship with Don Elijio.
Herb Blurbs
Willow Valley.
Ricin: Deadly Toxin from Castor Bean.
Media Watch
Milk Thistle Fruits for Treatment of Death Cap Mushroom Poisoning.
Caution With Homemade Oils.
Deep in the Heart of Texas: Truffles!
"New Crops" Include Prickly Pear.
Sandalwood Supplies Slip.
Plant Patents
Plant Patents: Process for preparing grapeseed extracts enriched in procyanidol oligomers.
Plant Patents: Antifungal preparations and process for making such preparations.