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Costa Rican Odyssey.
On August 4, 1995, as part of a continuing series of expeditions sponsored by ABC, the Texas Pharmacy Foundation, and International Expeditions, 26 travelers departed for Costa Rica on a work-study trip, "Pharmacy from the Rainforest."

Of the 26 participants, there were eight pharmacists (who received up to 10 continuing education credits for the workshops), three medical doctors, three pharmacy students, and one university professor.

Presenters were Dr. Jim Duke, "Rainforest Remedies," and "Nutrition and the Tropical `Food Farmacy'," Dr. Ana Sittenfeld (Institutio Nacional de Biodiversidad): "Chemical Prospecting in Costa Rica," and Mark Blumenthal: "Herbal Remedies & Natural Products in Today's Pharmacy."

Classroom workshops included field trips into the rainforests to observe firsthand the green pharmacy provided by nature. In addition to attending workshops, the group visited Ark Herb Farm and heard Tommy Thomas describe some of the local uses of his terraced garden which contains 500 medicinal plants.

Other highlights of the trip included the Tortuguero National Park to see nesting sea turtles, Poas Volcanic National Park and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

One more rainforest trip is scheduled for 1995 -- the Peruvian Amazon, October 21-28. For details on the ethnobotanical trips scheduled for 1996. For a review of the 1994 trip to the Peruvian Amazon, see the special Pharmacy From the Rainforest section in HerbalGram #33.

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By Penny King