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The Jepson Manual: Higher Plants of California.
Edited by James C. Hickman. 1993. University of california Press,Berkeley, CA. Hardcover, 1,400pp. $65. isbn 0-520-08255-9. Available from ABC, item #B051.

Willis Linn Jepson's Manual of the J Flowering Plants of California first appeared in 1925 and, while out-of-date and out-of- print for many years, it has still been a favorite reference of California botanists. Now, sixty-five years later comes the new Jepson Manual of Higher Plants of California, which reflects the many new species and advances in botanical investigation that have ensued over the decades.

California has nearly 8,000 taxa of flowering plants, about 40% of the plant taxa that occur in North America (exclusive of Mexico). As in any major flora publishing event, this is not the effort of one person, but the collaborative effort of many. More than 200 botanical specialists from throughout North America have contributed to this comprehensive and definitive volume. Simply put, if you live in California, you need this book. Those who live elsewhere will find this a useful reference for updated nomenclature on the important medicinal and economic plants of the Western United States.

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By Steven Foster