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Useful Plants of Ghana: West African Uses of Wild and Cultivated Plants.
by Daniel K. Abbiw. 1990. Intermediate Technology Publications Limited, 103/105 South Hampton Row, London, WC1B 4HHUK. Hardcover. 337 pp. $57. ISBN 1-85339-080-1.

Ghana, formerly known as the Gold Coast, is a West African nation with a rich biodiversity. The true goals of Ghana may lie in its rich medicinal plant diversity. This present volume outlines the many uses of hundreds of plants of this region. Of particular interest to HerbalGram readers is Chapter 8, "Potions and Medicines," which details the medicinal uses of dozens of native West African plants. Also of interest is Chapter 9 on "Poisons, Tannin, Dyes, Etc." The book contains an extensive bibliography and extremely detailed index to facilitate the book's overall utility.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.