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Plants and People of the Golden Triangle: Ethnobotany of the Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand.
by Edward F. Anderson. 1993. Dioscorides Press, Portland, OR. 279 pp. Color photos. Hardcover. $69.95. ISBN 0-931146-25-9. Available from ABC Books.

This ethnobotanical treatment of the Hill tribes of Thailand is written for everyone to enjoy. It is a thorough treatment of these people's lives and their relationship with their surroundings. In the chapter, "Plants That Cure," Dr. Anderson states that he has collected over 700 medicinal plants. After reading this chapter, it is obvious that Ted Anderson has spent many years accumulating the knowledge that accompanies those plants which he shares with us. He not only lists the plants and has two hundred exquisite color photos to demonstrate the beauty of the people, but also provides a meaningful understanding of the people's daily lives, past, present, and future. No matter what your ethnobotanical interest is, you can find it in this book. The book includes various appendices and indices of common and scientific plant names. Local Thai names are included in the text, but, unfortunately, there is no index for them. The book offers an excellent opportunity to appreciate the b eauty of the culture, people, and plants of this area.

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By Trish Flaster