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Medicinal Plants of Papua New Guinea, Part I: Morobe Province.
by Ellen Woodley (Ed.) 1991. Verlag Josef Margraf. Mühlstrasse 9, P.O. Box 105, D6992 Weikersheim, Germany. 158 pp. Softcover. Illustrations and photos. $35 US. ISBN 3-8236-1125-2.

This is a first in the series of works designed to document native uses of medicinal plants of Papua New Guinea. This volume was prepared by six different authors, all specialists in medicinal plants of the area. The handbook contains 127 species from 71 gathered in 20 villages representing 58 percent of the 122 plant families with medicinal properties found in the entire country. Seventy different medicinal uses for 70 different types of treatment are documented. Each monograph contains the binomial description, plant's ecology, habitat, and distribution, medicinal use, chemistry, and local names as well as village names. Realistic line drawings accompany many of the monographs. Beautiful color photographs adorn this excellent volume, depicting the uses of medicinal plants in the South Sea islands collectively known as Polynesia (Tonga, Samoa, Tahiti, Cook Islands, Hawaii). The book offers a general history of the background, culture, languages, and migrations of Polynesian peo ples and an overview of their medical practices and culture beliefs surrounding medicine and medical practices, both from a theoretical perspective, as well as how they are employed today. Brief monographs on 90 selected medicinal plants include the range and habitat, medicinal uses, and non-medicinal uses (if any); local names for each culture are also given. The plants are arranged alphabetically by botanical name with a color photo of each plant. The book includes an extensive bibliography and index.

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