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Concise Oxford Dictionary of Botany.
This small dictionary contains over 5,000 entries, many of which have been taken from the respected Oxford Dictionary of Natural History. The book includes terms from higher plants as well as bacteria and fungi and as such represents a valuable reference to anyone reading botanical, pharmacal, and herbal literature in which technical terms are used to describe various plant structures, biological processes, ecological niches, and other terms normally found in botany. It is particularly written for the student, lay person, and non-specialists and will, therefore, probably become quite popular for this growing non-technical market. Article copyright American Botanical Council.">Edited by Michael Allaby. 1992. Oxford University Press, New York, N.Y. Hard and Soft Covers. 442 pp. Hardcover $39.95. ISBN#C:InetpubwwwrootData 0-19-1866-163-0; Softcover $11.95. ISBN# 0-19-286094-1.p#