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Elements for a Caribbean Pharmacopoeia.
B. Weniger and L. Robineau, eds. English edition edited by D.D. Soejarto and C. Gyllenhall. Enda-Caribe, Aptdo. 21000 Huacal, Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominica. 1988. 318 pp. Softcover. $20.00. No ISBN.

This book is the product of a TRAMIL workshop held in Havana, Cuba, November 1988. According to the introduction, "TRAMIL is an applied research project on traditional popular medicine in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other improve and rationalize popular medical practices based on the use of medicinal plants." Using ethnobotanical surveys, a compilation of commonly used medicinal plants of Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Guatemala, and Honduras were conducted beginning in 1984. The effort sought to provide clear popular and scientific names to the plants involved, explore problems related to establishing scientific monographs on medicinal plants of the Caribbean, make recommendations regarding toxicological, clinical, and ethical aspects of the medicinal plants of the regions, and, finally, to further explore the theory and practice of traditional medicine. The resulting compilation includes 90 monographs with details on nomenclature, distribution, bri ef descriptions, and the uses of the plants resulting from the survey, as well as literature searches and information on chemistry and biological activity. The project and resulting publication provide practical information on medicinal plants of the Caribbean, valuable for the treatment of common ailments at minimal cost.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.