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Official Herbs: Botanical Substances in the United States Pharmacopoeias.
Wade Boyle, N.D. 1991. Buckeye Press, East Palestine, OH 44413. $12.95

Many of the herbs in the USP were native American plants, often introduce into pharmacy and medicine by the natives to westward-moving settlers who were unable to get European-based medicines from physicians on the East coast. This small book examines all editions of the USP from 1820 to the present, giving in a chart format the number of times each plant is recognized in each edition. Paul Bergner's foreword is a compelling essay about the decline of herbal medicines in official medical practices in the U.S. At a time when herbs and herb-based medicines enjoy hardly any official recognition, this little book is an important contribution to the literature. Highly recommended for students, teachers, herbalists, writers, pharmacists, physicians -- anyone interested in medicinal plants, and their former official status as medicines in the U.S.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.