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Passion Flowers.
John Vanderplank. The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA 02142. 1991. 176 pp. Hardcover. $35.00. ISBN 0-262-22043-1.

Keeper of the U.K.'s National Collection of Passiflora, John Vanderplank has produced a valuable illustrated guide to more than 100 of the more than 400 known species of Passiflora, better known as passion flowers. Eight chapters detail the plant group's history, cultivation, propagation, hybridization, identification, pests and diseases, and even their interactions with butterflies. An identification key, list of useful addresses, glossary, and bibliography are included.

Most of the book is devoted to describing Passiflora species and hybrids with descriptions, distribution, and comments. Over 70 color illustrations (mostly photographs) and more than 100 line drawings enhance the book's practical presentation. Unfortunately, no information on the historical or modern medicinal use of Passifloras is included. For those interested in this plant group, Passion Flowers is the reference.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.