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Definitive Reference to Endangered Species: The Official World Wildlife Fund Guide to Endangered Species of North America. 2 Vols.
David W. Lowe, Managing Editor. 1990. Beacham Publishing, Inc., 1733 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009. Hardcover. $195.00. ISBN 0-933833-17-2.

For those interested in discovering exactly which plants and animals are federally listed endangered species in the United States, this is the definitive reference. The two volume set covers all listed endangered species up to the publication date. Volume 1 contains plants and mammals. Volume 2 covers all other species. Each entry includes a black and white photograph, general range map, a description of the species, its habitat, historic range, current distribution, conservation efforts and recovery programs, along with references and the address of a contact organization responsible for its protection. An appendix, listing state by state occurrence, glossary and index, is included. Here is the standard reference on endangered species of North America.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.