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North American Field Guide to Chinese Herb Shopping.
Margaret A. Naeser, Ph.D. 1990. Boston Chinese Medicine, P.O. Box 5747, Boston, MA 02114. 371 pp. Softcover. $24.95. ISBN 0-9625651-1-3.

Ever gone into a Chinese herb shop only to be overwhelmed by the endless army of Chinese patent medicines? Short of learning Chinese, it has been almost impossible to decipher the uses and ingredients of the many Chinese patent medicines available in major American cities. An acupuncturist and Associate Research Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine, Margaret Naeser, has helped solve the problem. This unique and practical work surveys about 200 Chinese patent medicines. The first part of the book introduces the reader to the subject, and how the book is to be used. Part two of the book details specific products used for various ailments. Each product entry includes a translation of the product name, its function, applications, dosages, information on where it is produced, and a list of ingredients (including pinyin and pharmaceutical names, percentage in the formulation, and the traditional functions of the ingredients). A picture of the product label is included. The book is an excellent "field guide" for those who enjoy ambling through herb shops in North American Chinatowns in search of patent formulas.

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