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Hobbs and Ginkgo: Ginkgo; Elixir of Youth.
by Christopher Hobbs. Botanica Press, Box 742, Capitol, CA 95010. 1991. 80 pp. Softcover. $5.95. ISBN: -9618470-3-4.

HerbalGram readers familiar only with Hobbs's in-depth, technical writing style in the monographic literature reviews presented in this publication may be pleasantly surprised by his popular treatment of Ginkgo. This book helps the uninitiated reader understand in layman's terms the history, traditional uses, and modern uses of Ginkgo. As the author states in the introduction, this book explains how Ginkgo can: improve memory and brain function, protect the heart and restore blood circulation, heal hearing and vision problems, fight common allergic reactions, and help preserve general health and vitality. Hobbs covers all aspects of the rapidly growing body of research on Ginkgo and its health benefits. Body systems involved in Ginkgo's pharmacology, mechanisms of action, and physiology are treated in a detailed, readable account. A bibliography of 141 references appends the text. Those interested in finding out more about Ginkgo will find this a quick and informative read.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.