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Major Essential Oil-Bearing Plants of India.
Akhtar Husain, O.P. Virmani, Ashok Sharma, Anup Kumar, and L.N. Misra. Central institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, P.O. Bag No. 1, Ram Sagar Misra Nagar, Lucknow-226016, India. 1988. Hardcover. 237 pp. $125.00.

India is the world's largest producer of herbs, spices, and medicinal plants, with more than 2 million acres under cultivation. Forty commercial essential oil-bearing plants are covered in this volume, with descriptions, distribution, cultivation, pest and disease control, oil extraction methods, use, chemistry, and references. Color photographs illustrate the book throughout A valuable book for essential oil enthusiasts.

Article copyright American Botanical Council.