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Materia Medica of Indo-Tibetan Medicine.
by Vaidya Bhagwan Dash. Classics India Publication, 3483 Nicholson Road, Mori Gare, Delhi, India 110006. 1987. 647 pp. Hardcover. approx. $50.00.

This book is born of the skills of an Ayurvedic scholar who reads the Tibetan language. The book is divided into six major sections, covering plant drugs, supplementary plants, foods and drinks, animals and animal products, trees and their parts, and synonyms and homonyms. Indices cross-referencing Tibetan, Sanskrit, and English/Botanical equivalents are included along with a therapeutic index. The entries feature lists of Tibetan and Sanskrit names. Information and therapeutic use consists of three or four lines describing key Ayurvedic use, taste and characters. Over 500 items are covered. Often medicinal uses are not included -- only synonyms of ancient names from ancient texts. This is a book for the serious student of Ayurveda or Tibetan medicine, but also serves as a useful general quick reference on major uses of the Ayurvedic materia medica.

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