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Issue 24
Winter 1991
The Journal of the American Botanical Council
Harvesting Medicinals in the Wild: The Need for Scientific Data on Sustainable Yields.
The Hunt for Accurate Identification of Poisonous Plants and Fungi.
The Need for Cooperation Between Modern and Traditional Medicine.
Dear Reader
Dear Reader
Market Report
Political Changes in Eastern Europe Affect Herb Supply.
Spice Consumption Keeps Rising.
Legal & Regulatory
LEGAL AND REGULATORY: FDA Moves on OTC Diet Drug Ingredients; Warnings for Guar Gum.
Conference Reports
Natural Products Conference in Germany.
European Scientific Cooperative for Phytotherapy Symposium: European Harmony in Phytotherapy.
Book Reviews
Healing in the Rain Forest: The Healing Forest - Medicinal and Toxic Plants of the Northwest Amazonia.
Plant Therapy from A to Z: The Dictionary of Healing Plants.
Plants Along the Persian Gulf: The Phytochemistry of the Flora of Qatar.
Folklore and Medicinal Plants: Folk Medicine; The Art and Science.
Toxic Plants That Heal: Poisonous and Medicinal Plants.
Herb Blurbs
Broccoli Battles Breast Cancer.
What Is It? (re cilantro).
Fungal Faux Pas in Larousse Lexicon.
Agave Gas? Will cars Line Up for Agavahol?
Journal Reviews
LITERATURE NOTE: Ethnopharmacology and Western Medicine.
Media Watch
Garlic in Wall Street Journal.
Where Have All the Chestnuts Gone...?
The Healing Forest.
Soupreme Court Says: Tomato is no Fruit.
Reading Ancient Magnolia Leaves.
Ancient Temple Site of Healing Goddess.
China's "Living Fossil" Dogwood Discovered.
Institute of Economic Botany Appoints Director.
House Plants Filter Indoor Air Pollutants.