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Issue 114
Summer 2017
The Journal of the American Botanical Council

A Snapshot of the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicines in Hong Kong: A Fulbright Scholar’s Perspective

The Venus Flytrap: Conserving the Carnivorous Curiosity

Dear Reader
Dear Reader
Herb Profiles


ABC News

American Botanical Council Presents Annual Botanical Excellence Awards

ABC’s Blumenthal Receives ‘Outstanding International Ethnopharmacologist of the Year’ Award

EuroPharma Supports ABC's Educational Mission through Turmeric Adoption


Botanical Adulterants Bulletin Highlights the Presence of Synthetic Antimicrobial Compounds in ‘Grapefruit Seed Extract’

Organization News

AHP Announces Publication of Monograph and Therapeutic Compendium for Red Clover and Its Extracts

Supplement Online Wellness Library Launched in April

Research Reviews

Assessment of the Medicinal Chemistry of Curcumin: When a Plant-Derived Natural Product Is Not a Suitable Conventional Pharmaceutical Drug Lead

Aromatherapy with Damask Rose Essence Reduces Pain Caused by Treatment of Burn Injuries

Aged Garlic Extract Reduces Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension

Psilocybin Reduces Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Cancer in Two Clinical Trials

Book Reviews

Compendium of Indian Folk Medicine and Ethnobotany (1991-2015)

DIY Bitters: Reviving the Forgotten Flavor — A Guide to Making Your Own Bitters for Bartenders, Cocktail Enthusiasts, Herbalists, and More

Essential Oils: Contact Allergy and Chemical Composition

The Good Living Guide to Natural and Herbal Remedies: Simple Salves, Teas, Tinctures, and More

Healing Civilizations: The Search for Therapeutic Essential Oils and Nutrients

The Organic Medicinal Herb Farmer: The Ultimate Guide to Producing High-Quality Herbs on a Market Scale

In Memoriam

Bernard Ortiz de Montellano1938-2016

Elwood Richard1931-2017

Fredi Kronenberg1950-2017

James A. May, Sr.1936-2017

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